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H. Harendt public library
  • Visual identity, Wayfinding

  • Gerland, Lyon 8

  • Clients: Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon

  • Design team: with Cerise Noire

The new library in the south of Lyon was designed by Emmanuelle Colboc architects and Supernova had the chance to design its signage and graphic language together with Cerise Noire.

The most important points of our project was the idea of a library thought as a Third Place, as a public area generating social ties through reading, to ease integration and facilitating culture.

We worked around the theme of the "garden city", specific to the new district of Gerland, reinterpreting the language of landscapers through graphic patterns.

The typography and pictograms were created using round shape, evoking a welcoming, caring, open space.

The materials and the color palette of the signage was designed in coherence with the architectural space.


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