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Atelier des médias
  • Shared office signage

  • Lyon 1

  • Client: ADM

  • Project Team: Orange Vif

L'Atelier des Médias is located in the center of Lyon in an historical building in the 1st arrondissement.

After years of use and tinkering, a renovation project was launched including a redevelopment of the common room, creation of custom furniture and signage, thus enhancing the premises and creating a strong identity for the space.


After an analysis of the most used space and routes, we designed a signage system including a specific graphic guidelines document, pictograms and lettering.

The different rooms have been identified, inspired by the spirit of the Palace of Versailles, relating to the historic moldings of the ceilings.

The names were thus broken down according to the characteristics of the places: Grand Palais, Petit Trianon, etc.

The names have been placed on the ceiling to maximize visibility in an already well saturated place. The result is simple and effective.

It gives coherence to the different spaces.

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