The studio

Supernova is a multidisciplinary studio, where graphic design, Wayfinding and architecture are shaped for a better spatial experience. 

Wayfinding, visual identity, scenography, are a few of the territories we navigate everyday to establish, strengthen or facilitate interactions between people and the environment. 


We specialise in creating Wayfinding strategies and environmental graphics. We focus around the concepts of path, users flows, and the comfort of use of a unknown environment. 


What we do


Spatial orientation,

Wayfinding strategies,

Allocation plans.

Global design


Spatial Identity,

Graphic Design,

Product and furniture design.






Who we are

Multiples profiles for uniques and bold solutions. 

Supernova was founded in 2013 by Giovanni Mendini and Claudine Faure. Graphic designer Bertrand Lagarde joined the team in 2018.

Motivated by exchanges, debates and collaborative design, we regularly work together with graphic designers, illustrators and artists in order to deliver complete and tailored solutions to each design problem, no matter its size : from planning urban pedestrian routes to the organisation of a sale surface.